The Member has the opportunity to participate in Conferences and Seminars organized by the Council. The Council provides the member with an opportunity to interact with eminent Judges, Jurists and legal luminaries from various countries, to exchange information, to expand their professional network and an opportunity to advance their interests.

The member will regularly receive Council newsletters, publications and other ad hoc communications and information. The member will be a delegate in all the subsequent conferences and seminars organized by the Council at discounted rates.

The member will also receive a Scroll of Honour in electronic form which will be a unique present from the Council to the member. The member will be accorded priority in selection as a speaker in the conferences organized by ICJ.

In addition, the member while participating in the conference will be presented a Memento as a token of appreciation and will also receive two photographs of participation in the conference.

Member will get Identity Card and Certificate of Membership in electronic form through e-mail